Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm sure you've been anxiously waiting for me to get off my derriere (by the way... very funny if you look that up on Wikipedia) and post some pictures from Chicago.

The Booger is at a great age where everything is amazingly interesting and exciting. He just wanted to be a part of, really right up in everything. I have a handful of pictures of him, face to the glass, trying to step into the tanks, puzzled why he couldn't get in there and touch the super cool swimmy things. He was so puzzled by a searay exhibit - the glass tank continues under your feet, so it seems that you're standing on top of the rays. He tried so hard to get them, even jumped up and down trying to make it in there!

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1 comment:

Barbara Manatee said...

love the one of him peeking out from behind the penguin! cute!

I still have anxiety thinking back to the sting ray exhibit...that's where we lost Sarah for a few...seriously still tear up a bit thinking about those few moments that felt like an eternity!