Friday, November 7, 2008

Poor baby, sorry mommy

On top of starting daycare and the time change, my poor son has been (unbeknownst to us) fighting a ear infections. His new trick of tipping his head to the side and looking at us turns out not to be much of a trick... :-(

He's had a runny nose for weeks, but was still himself. Then, he was super cuddly and seemed ucky Tuesday evening, and started a little cough so we decided we'd call the doctor in the morning.

Then, he woke up crying and wheezing and coughing at 2:30 AM! Panic! I roused the on-call doctor for her to listen to him and she successfully calmed me down byreassuring me it sounded croupy, gave me some advice, and told me to call in the morning.

So, I went to the IEP we had scheduled next morning and returned home to whisk him to the doctor. After a screaming, wriggling check up, he was prescribed his first antibiotic (hopefully very few more follow) for not one, but double ear infections! Then we came home and cuddled on the couch all afternoon.
We both felt so bad thinking back about how long he'd been sick, and not noticing that his ears were hurting him for who knows how long. But, we are both enjoying how cuddly and loving he is right now. First time he's stayed still since he learned to crawl.
After a couple days on the antibiotic he is getting back to his normal self. The folks at daycare are now beginning to believe me that my son is a happy, easy-going baby. He's starting to sleep better again, and I am looking forward to the weekend with my boy!


Jules said...

O'boy, how I know how you feel! Cody's always started out like he was just getting a cold, and his ears were always the last thing that seemed to bother him or that he complained about. Hopefully little Booger don't end up having them like Cody did! Give him lots of xoxoxo's from his Aunt Julie!!

Barbara Manatee said...

Poor guy! Hope he is doing better and you all get lots of rest this weekend! Enjoy the sweet, if not pathetic, cuddles while they last though as he'll be up and running around again soon! haha!

Deanna said...

awwww...that poor little sweetie. Ear infections affect everyone soo differently though. I as an adult still get tubes put in every 2 years or so. My twins had tubes put in at 6 months.....

I hope he is feeling better ~and I too would have called the on call Dr.

Hang in there sweetie :)