Thursday, December 10, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover...Kalamazoo Style

I hinted at our newest project here.

So, I guess I should fill you in. And seeing how it's a snow day... it seems as good a time as any.

Long story, lots of details....

We currently own two houses, and will in near months end up with no mortgage.

My husband began volunteering with the Edison Neighborhood Association over the summer after a number of incidents near our home. (Reminder- we live the ghet-to). During this time, he came across a house that is, quite literally, around the corner from us.

It was considered adandoned by the city and was slated to be torn down in 2010.

Which is sad, as you can see, it's really quite a potential-full house.

That wasn't quite living up to its potential.

We have been able to acquire the house, and have grants and assistance lined up to help us restore it. While working out the details, we discovered it is a historic home. Which means there are some stipulations we have to adhere too. Which is okay by us, really- how beautiful will it be once it is renovated and showing off all its glory?

Thus begins Extreme Home Makeover: Kalamazoo Style
There are 15 foot ceilings above that silly drop ceiling
Who puts formica on the walls? Or on anything really...
Where there's not formica, there's paneling in nearly every room upstairs!

Someone really liked U of M... maybe that's why they left...

One of these days, I'll post some before and afters of our house now. We'll miss it, but are looking forward to a new adventure.


Anonymous said...

Knowing what you have done in your current residence and what you started out with, this will be beautiful when you are done. A lot of hard work, but well worth it.

Anonymous said...

Ok. That explains that picture on your other post. That will be awesome for you guys once you get it done. and hopefully, with all the work you have done on the "old" house, you'll actually make a profit after paing off the mortgage. Way cool. Mike

Unknown said...

LOVE the formica on the walls and ceiling! You should keep it that way!! Character, I tell ya!! LOL!

The blue and yellow HAS to go though - blech!!! No wonder they condemned it!!

I love the big porch!!! Looks like a lot of work but you've done a great job on your current place - can't wait to see more of it!

Jules said...

That's really awesome! I can't wait to see it once you two get started on it. It will (no doubt) look beautiful once you get it all finished!

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Raven said...

Awesome house! Good luck! Thanks for saving it!

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Great Job!

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